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MG launched her first prêt-à-porter collection in October 2012 with the intention of contributing to the female silhouette her vision of class, refined and chic aesthetic, enveloping the woman as comfortable as possible.

Magda González V.

Magda was born in the Republic of Panama. After graduating in architecture she moves to study Fashion Design at the Istituto Carlo secoli in Milan, Italy. In 2011 she returns to her country decided to launch her own clothing line in which would include Prêt-à-porter and Resort Collections called MG by Magda.

She summarizes herself in the following lines, calling “No” to her aversions and “Yes” to passions:
NO to: the lie, clumsiness, injustice, when the night dies, repression, impositions, framed time on the clock, the bad intentions, "Arroz con Pollo", empty criticism, drive under the rain, the noise, do what i don't like…
YES to: Music, sing, sleeping excessively, stay up all night, a good book, laugh to tears, good food, a flower, exquisite scents, smell of wet soil, the lyrics of Sabina, a Yellow Guayacán, the rain through the window, the colors of nature, the sea breeze, a good scotch, a bar, friends, my family, when the sun wakes up, when dies the day, a pinch of madness, the moon over my head and the stars flashing to me, my space and time, things that do not know but wished to know...